Tools You May Not Know We Rent: Griphoist

With all the options available for hoisting, one of the most under-utilized pieces of equipment also happens to be one of the most versatile. The Griphoist, sometimes referred to as a Tirfor® or German come-a-long, can be used as both a pulling and lifting device carrying a virtually unlimited pulling length or lifting height. Limited only by the length of rope ordered, the Griphoist operates where many other hoists fail.

One notable difference between a Griphoist and other manually operated hoists – both hand chain hoists and chained come-a-longs – is the use of wire rope rather than chain. However, the wire rope for a Griphoist is specifically designed for that application, built differently than traditional wire rope slings. The wire rope core for Griphoists is manufactured to extremely high tolerances to withstand the gripping power of the jaws. Use of any other wire rope can have consequences ranging from loss of friction to premature wear of internal components. In the worst-case scenario, the wrong wire rope can cause catastrophic failure with dire consequences on site. However, when used correctly it is one of the safest and most reliable hoists on the market.

With that said, how does a Griphoist work?

While the Griphoist operates through the use of a lever, it is completely different from how traditional lever hoists work. Utilizing two sets of jaws, the Griphoist has two lever locations to pay out or retract the wire rope. When advancing, the jaws “bite” into the rope, acting like two hands pulling the rope in a hand-over-hand motion. When retracting, the alternate set of jaws operate in reverse, gripping the rope to maintain control while lowering the load. Griphoists are also the best option for loads that require pinpoint accuracy as well as lifts/moves over a long span.

As mentioned above, the Griphoist can be used in lifting and pulling applications and can be used in any orientation. In situations where the job site is too tight for a generator and proper electricity is unavailable, use a Griphoist. Situations requiring a load to be lifted on an angle, relegating hand chains and lever hoists not as useful, there’s a Griphoist for that. Need to run the cable through a sheave block and back down to raise a load? Yup, you can use a Griphoist there as well.

With an integrated anchor point on one end, you can affix a Griphoist with a shackle to any stable structure. This added functionality affords greater flexibility in applications for even more potential projects that prohibit bolting a winch down. The sheer number of applications for Griphoists is something that makes you wonder why it isn’t used more frequently.

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