Case Study: How Moving 170,000 lbs Went Off Without a Hitch


How Moving 170,000 lbs Went Off Without a Hitch

We love it when a plan comes together!

LGH recently worked with BW Contractors, Inc in Cedar Falls, Iowa, to produce a rigging solution for moving and installing two aluminum extrusion pieces.

BW Contractors, who specialize in machinery moving and erection, were called upon to help assemble an aluminum extrusion press. The locations of the main pieces were set in a 20-inch-deep pit, which had to be jacked, cribbed and plated to raise them out. The overall weight of the pieces that needed to be moved are what set this project apart from others that BW Contractors have done, with one piece weighing in at 170,000 lbs and another at 114,000 lbs.

The 170,000 lbs piece presented the biggest challenge as it had to be rigged perfectly level to safely travel over the pit. BW Contractors had worked with LGH in the past and knew that we would have the tools and equipment they needed to complete the job. BW Contractors President Bret Wrage and Foreman Brad Mennenga worked with LGH representative Mark Daubert to devise the rigging solution for this project.

Keeping the weight of the extrusion piece in mind, as well as the need for perfectly level lifting, they decided on the use of (2) 32T hand chain hoists and (2) 1 ½ in wire rope slings for lowering the piece onto its permanent set of reinforced concrete pads. After moving the extrusion piece across the floor utilizing Hevi-Haul machine skates, it was then successfully transferred via a 400T gantry system to its final destination.

BW Contractors were able to achieve their ultimate goal of setting the main extrusion piece into position, with laser precision, in one shot. The job was finished on time, within budget, and without any unexpected challenges, which BW Contractors credits to proper planning.

BW Contractors President Bret Wrage said it best, “It was textbook and could not have gone better. Everything ordered arrived on time, worked perfectly, and made a big job go as planned.”


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Owned and operated by brothers Bret and Steve Wrage, BW Contractors, Inc. is a full-service machinery moving and erection firm located in Cedar Falls, IA. BW Contractors, Inc. specializes in machine moving, rigging, millwright and maintenance, as well as material handling installation, including bridge cranes and concrete machine bases.

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