What do you know about the Tirfor™?

The Tirfor™ is portable, powerful, and diverse. For this reason, it’s one of our most popular pieces of equipment. But how much do you know about this unique tool? In this blog, we’re covering the basics of The Tractel Group’s Tirfor™. 

What is a Tirfor™?

The Tirfor™, more commonly referred to as the Griphoist® here at LGH, is a pulling and lifting device that operates in conjunction with specialized wire rope.

The device is controlled by two pairs of jaws that operate alternatively to drive levers, which allow the movement of wire rope or cable throughout the hoist’s body. The setup allows almost unlimited pulling length or lifting height with pinpoint accuracy in positioning loads.

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French inventor Mr. Simon Faure originally conceived the design and filed a patent for what eventually would become the Tirfor in 1929. This design laid the groundwork for The Tractel Group™ who would eventually acquire a trademark license for the hoist. After extensive testing, the hoist was officially made public during the early 1940s. Since then, the Tirfor/Griphoist has revolutionized the industry for its easy-to-use functionality in maneuvering various loads.

Over the years, Tractel™ has continuously improved the original hoist and filed numerous patents to protect its perfected design. Improvements have included making the hoists fully portable and offering new features such as easier manageability, a lighter-weight design, quick installation, and more precise load placement.  


Tirfor/Griphoist operation is pretty straightforward and mainly involves a ‘hand-over-hand’ action. While one hand pulls, the other changes position to pull. The wire rope used with the Griphoist is specially designed with a fiber core to resist damage during operation. Positioning the lever for forward motion, the jaws take turns biting into and pulling the wire rope back through the hoist. In reverse, the jaws act more as clamps while still alternating, preventing the rope from freewheeling forward.


The Tirfor/Griphoist can serve many applications, including heavy machinery, bridge and roadwork, rope/cable tensioning, load shifting, and more. The possibilities are near endless for this diverse piece of equipment.

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LGH offers four models of the Tractel™ Griphoist for rent, in capacities ranging from 1 – 4 Tons. For more information, please click to chat with a live rental support specialist or call 800-878-7305 today.

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